About Us

Jeffrey S. Reber, Ph.D., LPC


Jeffrey S. Reber is the principle founder of Relational Counseling & Consulting Services.  He has a doctoral degree in psychology with an emphasis in applied social psychology and theoretical/philosophical psychology.  As a university professor, Jeff has dedicated his career to studying, teaching, and practicing the principles of relational psychology.  He has successfully implemented his unique approach to relationships in the classroom, in organizational administration and leadership, and in his psychotherapy practice.  Jeff has given presentations on relational psychology to audiences across the continent and has published numerous scholarly articles, book chapters, and books that are informed by his relational approach. 

Steven P. Moody, LCSW


Steven P. Moody is the co-founder of Relational Counseling & Consulting Services.  He received his Bachelor's degree in Psychology and Social Behaviors from the University of California, Irvine.  He went on to receive his Master's degree in Clinical Social Work from the University of Southern California.  At USC, his clinical focus was on working with families including marital therapy and relationships.  Steven specializes in relational therapy in his psychotherapy practice and has given many presentations on relationships and the relational approach.